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The Tears in Her Eyes

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Reflections, an evening on some old memories…

You teach me much of this belief
That being happy is so much a relief!
That those smiles are no less than miracles,
Even when what left is all in shackles.

But when endless tears rolls on,
And the playfullness and fun all gone,
The yellow blossoms of my heart fade away,
And at the bottom of gloom is where I lay.

I’ll wait for a new dawn;
In sunshine shall all the joy be born
Casting away those dark shades,
Lighting your face to a thousand jades.

Time may seem to have value, much higher,
But when all this cheer can make you much lighter,
I’m left with no more of a choice,
But to silently listen to the inner voice.

When memories last longer than words,
And happiness flies as freely as birds,
I’ll have the shade of that blooming tree
To cherish these thoughts with all its glee!

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.