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👉 Axion Stack

https://axionstack.com (2021)

Build your startup with Axion. Launched first product - a SaaS boilerplate with landing pages, user management, Stripe subscriptions.

👉 Leave on Good Terms (part of)

Reference Link (2020) not-active

GoodTerms helps you leave your job on good terms by connecting you to qualified replacement.

Started as a project by Bouchen Kuo, I was involved in making this a reality by working on the tech side of it.

👉 Progress

Reference Link (2017) closed

Progress is a student learning management solution which consists of two parts.

  • Management Dashboard for teachers / school management to record courses, attendence, assignments etc.
  • Progress Mobile App for parents and students to monitor the progress of a student in the courses enrolled.

👉 Agile Joker

Reference Link (2017) closed

Agile Joker is an email based team task planning system, which sends an email at the start of the day with questions and the replies to the email is recorded as tasks done. The app then consolidates the tasks for the whole team and sends it the team at a set time.

👉 GuardHR - Tiny Payroll + HRMS

Reference Link (2016) not-active

GuardHR is a tiny HRMS solutions focused on small companies to manage employee time offs, expenses, documents with self-service logins and a simple payroll.

👉 TwitTopTen

Reference Link (2010) closed

TwitTopTen is a twitter app, which sends tweets as email to your subscribers.